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Youth Basketball Play 6 – “The Shuffle”

Youth Basketball Play 6 is “The Shuffle”. This is one of those offensive plays that has been around for a long time. You might even remember using this back in your playing days!

The nice thing about this play is that there is constant movement by all five players. I’m a huge fan of getting all five players involved in the offensive game plan. This keeps them “in the game” and also makes them a more valuable asset to their team.

There’s nothing worse than watching an offense that only involves 2 to 3 players, while the others stand, watch and wait to rebound. As a coach, I think it’s so important to get everyone involved!

Youth basketball play 6 can be used at any level of competition. This play can be modified to fit your players’ skill level and experience. As your players get comfortable with the basic movements, back screens and backdoor cuts can be added.

As always, you must first teach your players the fundamentals of basketball before you can implement an offense. Once your players can perform the offensive fundamentals properly, you can then incorporate those into your offensive strategy.

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Youth Basketball Play 6:

To help you understand the play, please follow the key below.

  • 1 = Point Guard
  • 2 = Wing
  • 3 = Wing
  • 4 = Post
  • 5 = Post
  • Black Dotted Arrow = Pass
  • Black Straight Arrow = Player Movement


  • Players will start in a 1-3-1 formation.
  • 1 will pass to 2 at the wing. 2 must first make a good v-cut to get open.
  • 5 will pop out to the corner.
  • 2 will pass to 5 in the corner.


  • After passing to 5, 2 will cut to the basket looking for a return pass and scoring opportunity.
  • 4 will then cut to the basket looking for a pass from 5 and scoring opportunity.
  • As this is happening, 1 will fill the wing position for 2.
  • 3 will fill the point position for 1.


  • 5 will pass to 1 at the wing. 1 must make a good v-cut to get open.
  • 1 will pass to 3 at the point. 3 must also work to get open.
  • As this is happening, 2 will pop out to the opposite wing position.
  • 4 will pop out to the opposite corner position.


  • 3 will pass to 2 in the wing.
  • 5 will cut into the lane looking for a pass from 2 and scoring opportunity. If the pass isn’t open, 5 will cut to the high post.
  • 2 can pass to 5 in the lane, 5 in the high post, or 4 in the corner. The pass should be made to the player that gets open first.


  • If the ball is passed to 4 in the corner, you will be back at the starting position from the opposite side of the court.



Youth Basketball Play 6 is a very simple offensive play – yet it can be so effective when executed properly.

The key to this offense, as well as any other offense, is being fundamentally sound. By drilling your players on the fundamentals first, you are setting them up for success.

For more coaching tips and advice, please visit out youth basketball coaching page. Best of luck!