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Youth Basketball Player Ball-handling Tips to Improve Your Game

These Youth Basketball Player Ball-handling Tips are meant to help players become more complete offensive threats on the court!

As an offensive player, you must be able to handle the basketball in order to be effective and help your team. The youth basketball player ball-handling tips I have given you cover the skills of dribbling, passing and catching.

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By learning and mastering these skills, you will become more confident and comfortable when you have the basketball in your hands. You will be able to catch, dribble and pass the ball in a way that will help you and your team be more successful on the offensive end of the court!

Youth Basketball Player Ball-handling Tips


The main points to remember when dribbling the basketball:

  • You need to control the ball. You do this by using the finger pads, or soft part of the fingers, to dribble the basketball.
  • You need to be comfortable with the basketball. You do this by being in a good basic position, ready to move in any direction.
  • You need to protect the basketball. You do this by keeping the ball away from the defender and keeping your body and non-dribbling hand between the ball and the defender.

Some important things to work on:

  • Try to keep your head up while you are dribbling so that you can see the entire court.
  • Try to work on dribbling with both your right and left hand. This will make you much more effective on offense and harder to defend.


The main points to remember when passing the basketball:

  • Choose the proper pass (chest, bounce, overhead, baseball, or push) based on where your teammate is on the court.
  • Pass the ball quickly before the defender has time to react.
  • Pass to a target away from the defender.
  • Time the pass to get to your teammate just as they are getting open.
  • Use a fake or eye deception to confuse the defender before passing the basketball.


The main points to remember when catching the basketball:

  • You need to be in a good basic position or stance.
  • You need to have both hands up.
  • Give a good target to your teammate.
  • Be ready to catch the basketball.

For more great tips and drills to help the youth basketball player improve their ball handling skills, please visit our page on Youth Basketball Drills.


I hope you found these Basketball Ball-handling Tips to be helpful and informative. It is important for all offensive players to be able to handle the basketball. This means developing their dribbling, passing and catching skills. Players who work on these skills can become complete offensive threats with the basketball!

If you need more great information on these ball-handling tips or other basketball topics, I would suggest you purchase some good basketball books and videos. These will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the game of basketball.