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Develop A High-Powered Offense With These Incredible Youth Basketball Plays

If you’re looking for Youth Basketball Plays, you’ve come to the right place! This page is loaded with offensive plays that will help you succeed at the game of basketball!

The basketball plays I have included are simple to teach and learn, yet very effective at creating easy scoring opportunities and success at the offensive end of the court.

I have always felt that youth basketball plays should involve all five players. I’m a huge fan of the motion offense – or any offense based on the motion principles.

Players that are in constant motion on offense tend to stay more focused on their team goal, which is to create easy scoring opportunities. They also seem to have more of an interest in their team’s success. Oh, I almost forgot, they make the defenders’ job a lot harder too!

We’ve all seen basketball offenses that only involve 2 or 3 players, while the others stand around, watch the action and wait to rebound. I’ve got one word for that – Boring! It’s boring to watch, it’s boring for the other players, and I’m sure it’s boring to coach.

These Youth Basketball Plays focus on keeping all five players in constant motion. There is constant screening, cutting, moving without the ball, and working for the best possible scoring opportunity.

I think it’s important to point out that players should have a solid foundation of basketball skills before implementing any of these offensive plays. Players need to be fundamentally sound in all areas of offense before they can be expected to run these plays.

Once players are able to perform these fundamentals at the proper skill level, then the focus should be on incorporating these into an offensive game plan.

Please note,that these plays can also be modified to suit the players’ level of competition and experience.

To view the basketball plays below, simply click on any one of the links and you will be taken to another page filled with diagrams and information on that particular play.

Effective Youth Basketball Plays

Basketball Play #1: “Circle”

Basketball Play #2: “Amber”

Basketball Play #3: “Princeton”

Basketball Play #4: “14”

Basketball Play #5: “Motion”

Basketball Play #6: “Shuffle 1”

Basketball Play #7: “5 – Out”

Basketball Play #8: “Swing”

Basketball Play #9: “Wheel”

Basketball Play #10: “Shuffle 2”

I hope you enjoy these Plays For Youth Basketball! Best of luck with your season!