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Free Youth Basketball Practice Drills

These Youth Basketball Practice Drills utilize a combination of skills that players need to improve in order to become more versatile and well-rounded on the court!

I don’t think it’s any secret that the players and teams that are successful on the basketball court work on a combination of skills and drills. They practice and improve every aspect of their game by using drills that focus on the key elements of basketball.

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The great thing about the youth basketball practice drills below is that they allow the players and coaches to work on many aspects of their game within one drill. It’s to the players’ and coach’s advantage anytime one drill can work on various aspects of basketball.

These combination drills are more time efficient for the coach. For example, they can work on offense, defense and rebounding in one drill as opposed to three separate drills.

These drills are often more enjoyable and challenging to the players. Working on more than one skill is more game-like for them and tends to keep them motivated and interested longer.

Now I don’t want you to misunderstand me here. Drills that focus strictly on one skill are obviously just as important as combination drills. I just feel that anytime you can use a drill that teaches multiple skills – then use it! As always, make sure the drills are appropriate for the players’ age, experience and competition level.

By learning and understanding the following Youth Basketball Practice Drills

  • Players will be able to practice and improve the various skills of the game.
  • Parents will be in a better position to help their child understand and improve their game.
  • Coaches will have a solid foundation of drills they can use to teach their players the fundamental skills of the game.

Youth Basketball Practice Drills

Youth Basketball Practice Drill #1: 3-On-3-On-3 Drill

Description – This is a continuous 3-on-3 drill that is great for working on almost every aspect of basketball.

Instructions – The players will divide up into teams of three. The players should be divided equally according to position, size and skill. The drill will take place at one half-court basket. One team will start on offense, one on defense, and one will sit out waiting to rotate in.

The offensive team will attempt to score a basket by working on all aspects of offensive play (passing, cutting, screening, etc…). The defensive team will attempt to prevent a basket from being scored by utilizing proper man-to-man defensive principles.

The drill will run in the following manner:

  • The offense gets 1 point for scoring a basket.
  • The defense gets 1 point if all three players box out and they get the rebound.
  • The defense gets 4 points if they force a five-second violation after the offensive player has lost their dribble.
  • Offensive teams must pass, screen and cut or they will rotate out.
  • Defensive teams must communicate on screens, talk to each other, and box out or they will rotate out.
  • The first team to score a basket is the winner for that game. The losing team rotates out, and the team sitting rotates in.
  • The first team to 15 wins the game.

Players – 9 to 12.

Tips – Players must work on solid offensive and defensive fundamentals for this drill. They are not just playing a 3-on-3 pick-up game.

Variations – The offensive players must make a certain number of passes before looking for their shot. For younger players, the first team to 5 or 10 would be the winner. The drill can run for a specific amount of time.

Skills – Offensive Skills, Defensive Skills, & Communication.

Youth Basketball Practice Drill #2: 10 Passes Drill

Description – This is another excellent 3-on-3 drill that works on both offensive and defensive skills.

Instructions – Three offensive players will begin with the basketball at half-court. Three defensive players will play tough man-to-man defense. The offensive team is not allowed to dribble the basketball for this drill.

The offensive players must work to get open by faking, cutting and screening. They must set and use screens properly – and also open up to the ball after setting a screen.

The goal of the offensive team is to make 10 passes in the half-court area – there is no scoring for this drill.

The defense should play very aggressively denying the passes and smothering the ball handler. If the defense can touch the basketball – it’s a turnover. We want the offensive players to work hard to make the passes and even harder to protect the ball.

The losing team has to do a conditioning drill and then the teams switch roles.

Players – 6.

Tips – The defense must play aggressive but should not foul – this creates bad habits that transfer to game situations. The offense must be aggressive with their movements and passes and not let the defense overpower them.

Variations – The defense can switch on screens. The offense can be allowed 1 or 2 dribbles after each pass.

Skills – Passing, Catching, Cutting, Setting And Using Screens, Opening Up To The Ball After Screening, Defense, & Fighting Through Screens.

Youth Basketball Practice Drill #3: Alabama Rebound Drill

Description – This is an excellent drill that teaches the players how to go aggressively after rebounds.

Instructions – Player 1 will start on the right wing with the basketball. Player 2 (offense) and player 3 (defense) will be positioned on the opposite low-post block.

Player 1 will start the drill by shooting the ball so that it rebounds toward players 2 and 3. As this is happening, player 2 will go aggressively after the rebound. Player 3 will not go after the rebound but will get into a good defensive position once player 2 gets the basketball.

After getting the rebound, player 2 must go up strong with the ball attempting to score a basket. Player 3 will now play very aggressive defense and try to prevent a basket.

The players will continue until player 2 scores a basket.

Players – 3.

Tips – Aggressive defensive play and contact are allowed; however, players should avoid using excessive force or playing dirty.

Variations – Player 3 can use a football blocking pad to bang into player 2 as they are shooting. This will teach the players how to shoot when being contacted.

Skills – Rebounding & Offensive Put Backs.

Youth Basketball Practice Drill #4: Chase Drill

Description – This is a simple drill that only takes about 30 to 60 seconds, but practices several basic skills of basketball. It’s another great combination drill.

Instructions – Player 1 starts at the foul line with the basketball. Player 2 starts at the low block on either side of the lane. Player 1 will shoot the ball and stay at the foul line.

Whether the shot is made or missed, player 2 will grab the rebound, take the ball out of bounds and give player 1 a good chest pass at the foul line. Player 1 will then dribble quickly to the opposite basket attempting to shoot a lay-up.

Player 2 will sprint down the court and attempt to either strip the ball away from player 1 or get into position to play defense. The players will then switch roles and come back down the court.

Players – 2.

Tips – Players should hustle to get into good defensive position and avoid fouling.

Variations – Have the offensive player shoot a jump shot at the opposite end of the court instead of a lay-up.

Skills – Foul Shooting, Rebounding, Speed Dribbling, Lay-Ups, Defense, Passing & Conditioning.


I hope you found these Youth Basketball Practice Drills to be helpful and informative. By using drills that practice a combination of skills, players are able to develop and improve many aspects of their game. Coaches are able to use these drills to effectively teach many skills in a very efficient manner.

By working on these youth basketball practice drills, players and teams are putting themselves in a great position to be successful on the basketball court.

Be sure to check out our youth basketball tips page for more great advice on the game of basketball!

Enjoy and best of luck!